It hurts to hold on, it hurts to let go.

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It’s too painful to watch you cry; I turn my head. The view of the disorganized living room fills my vision. The pieces of once a happy home are laying on the floor. How did we get here? I ask myself for the hundredth time. I help you wrap up what’s left of the dishes. They’re mostly chipped or mismatched. I wonder, is this how you feel on the inside? The thought makes me sad. I try to stay quiet for the rest of the night.

I see your name on the caller ID. My first thought is “do I…

Navigating adulthood and change

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I believe that in every situation, an equilibrium state will eventually be reached. There will come a point where the efforts of the individual will meet the complexity of her circumstances. I also believe that once this equilibrium state has been reached, one must not stand still and must find the next challenge. I find that it’s only a matter of time for the individual’s effort to exceed the difficulty she is facing, for all routines to become mundane and uninteresting. After all, normality breeds stagnation.

I always find myself thrilled at the face of a new challenge. I get…

Your old etiquettes are in dire need of an upgrade

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If you have been fortunate enough to hold on to your job in our only 2nd economical downturn of the 21st century, Congratulations! You must now relearn how to conduct yourself properly at the office. Here are my tips for the most common of the work-places challenges that have arisen due to people wearing masks:

Basic Recognition

What style of human do you have most at your place of work?

Short grey hair, balding and slightly overweight in the mid-section?

Long dark hair, thick eyebrows with a pair of clicking heels?

Slim figure, dress pants with a dress shirt in…

Sweet ones, sour ones, rotten ones

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I am a functionally anxious person.

I am anxious because I clean the house, but I stress about it at least two days prior. I mow the lawn, but I frantically check the weather forecast a week in advance to pick the perfect day and time. I cook, but I think about all the preparation from the night before. I have a running to-do list of personal tasks I eventually have to get done. I add items far more than I cross off.

I am functional because my anxiety forces me to plan and be productive. It doesn’t stop me…

Inspired Writer Contest Top 20

Who is making the decisions? Me, society, or my upbringing?

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In my head, I am a progressive young woman who is defying norms, excelling in a male-dominated industry, and sticking it to the patriarchy.

In reality, I work full-time in an old (and arguably dying) industry, I am married, I mow the lawn twice a week and I can’t wait for our annual home garden beets competition!

How outdated! How conventional! How domestic!

If 16-year-old me could see what has come of me, she’d scoff and say that I have forgotten my dreams. I used to daydream that in my twenties I would be living a rebellious life and rejecting…

We have all been Persianly misunderstood

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I am not a betting woman, but if I was, I’d bet money that this whole chaotic mess of discrimination and systemic racism started with the Neanderthals.

Let’s transport back to 50,000 years ago when Neanderthals and Sapiens foraged the earth simultaneously. It’s a sunny summer afternoon and our friendly neighbourhood Neanderthal gal is heading to the forest for some afternoon berry picking. She is skipping and whistling; birds are chirping, and she is having a grand time! But just before her last turn around the big rock, she runs into a pack of Sapiens. They look quite harmless when…

A fictional depiction of nourishing your worst personality traits

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- Hey! Grandmaaa… you look so little! Sienna, take off your shoes… yeah, come on! It will look much better, trust me!

Poppy watched in horror as Jackson tried to take his new wife’s wedding shoes off from under her long dress.

- Listen! Grandma looks so short, but you two are like the same height! So… take off your shoes so the photo doesn’t look all skewed!

Sienna was nervously laughing and dodging Jackson’s attempts at lifting her dress, but Poppy could see the rage in her best friend’s eyes. After a few failed attempts, the photographer finally managed…

Immigrants beware

Moraine Lake, AB. Photo by Andre Furtado on Pexels

Have you recently moved to the Great White North and aren’t sure what fate has in store for you? Have your friends and family been scaring you about the extreme weather? (Spoiler alert: you got a wise support group)

Or have you been living in the Land of Maple Leaf for a while but keep finding yourself in confusing weather situations? Have you ever found yourself looking up at the sky and confoundedly ask “what the heck is falling on my head?”

Then you are in need of deciphering the type of H2O that Mother Canada is throwing at you…

Casual observations from the Great White North

After Donald Trump won the presidential election in 2016, CNN published a list of reasons why:

Trump is different, he isn’t a politician.

The system is corrupt, and he is the only one who can fix it.

Al Capone made hefty donations to charities. John Dillinger destroyed thousands of mortgage records.

In the 1930s, both Dillinger and Capone were labelled “modern-day Robin Hood” by the people.

These men were also the first two people labelled “Public Enemy №.1” by the FBI.

Who is a Public Enemy?

“I [Frank J. Loesch, 1930’s chairman of the Chicago Crime Commission] had the operating…

Snowflakes rising up

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Free workout for your rigid and long-neglected face muscles

In the pre-face mask era, you might have had the luxury to go to the gym, but let’s be honest, did you ever pay ANY attention to your face muscles?! In the face mask era, you conduct business, lead meetings, and converse with your colleagues and customers with a face mask on. How do you keep the mask in place while you talk? Obviously, you are not using your hands to adjust it, so what do you do instead? That’s right! You wiggle your jaw and use your lower face muscles to reposition the mask and … drum roll please…

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